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Mid Month Update

Posted by Brandon Mueller on 10/19/2017

Hello pilots! 

Wanted to give a middle of the month update on how we are doing. PIREP count each day is looking great! We are all working on the various scripting errors in the website, but we are getting close!

Any QualityWings 787 pilots, we would love to hear your feedback in discord (https://discord.gg/rsCs8xK) for other members to hear about a possible future purchase :) With that, I would also like to add that Delta did officially cancel its 18 B787s and has opted for Airbus wide-bodied aircraft. With that said, here at vDelta, we are going to allow the use of QW787 on the basis that it's flown on similar routes to the B777 (check the booking system). I have found some delta liveries on both the QualityWings forum under (Painting Hanger) and on AVSIM library. They are good quality repaints that I personally use as well.

October 30th, Delta will be officially launching its first Airbus A350 route from KDTW to RJAA (NRT)! If you have an A350 add on, you will be able to use it within vDelta starting October 30th as we will be welcoming vDelta's first A350 into our fleet! 

Up next, we have something baking in the enclave for members of vDelta. No official details yet, but we will be selecting up to 5 Captains for alpha testing when the time comes. There's no time frame, so if you need to rank up, you have a little time to do so if you want to participate in the closed alpha test!

Our fall event is getting closer! Official details will be coming soon with a briefing packet to follow days after! Be on the look out!